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July. Helsinki. Hasan & partners. Very few people in the office. “Luca, do you have time to help us with a project for the Helsinki Design Week” “Sure hit me” “Cool: in September we will open the doors of the agency

Plan – 1000 Decisive days

Plan is an international development organisation promoting children’s rights. The aim of this particular campaign is to support the first 1000 days of the life of a child in a developing country, by creating a sort of tamagotchi that resemble

Wheels of Aurelia

  Wheels of Aurelia is a narrative road trip game developed from Santa Ragione for the premiere at Fantastic Arcade 2015 by Austin indie game collective. wheelsofaurelia.com Several artists got involved into the game production: Flaminia Grimaldi, Patrick Leger, Matteo Berton &

Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space

“This game is a diamond. Pure, hard and glorious.” SHUT UP & SIT DOWN, review “This game is absolutely fantastically fun to play.” TOM VASEL, board game guru, video review “I swear I’ve never played anything so nerve-racking and exciting.” THE FINAL

Project Rediscovery

  For a campaign left totally in the hands of photographers with no experience of cruising of the Nordic region, Hasan & Partners selected three professionals from different parts of the world and gave them an open brief to capture

KanyeWest vs Adidas / concept feed site

  28th January 2015 Adidas is about to announce the new capsule collection featuring Kanye West. Perfect Fools studio starts working on a feed website for the launch. I get involved to design the experience. We want to give the

Vitra – Catalogue Prototype

Vitra asked hasan&Partners to realise a little catalogue that would have also define a new aesthetic direction for the brand identity and communication.     I started working with Vitra for the development of this catalogue, meant to be an insert

Polar A300 Web Experience

For the launch of the new Polar A300 (an activity tracker watch), we developed a website experience, called “a day with the A300”, that describe the functionalities and features of the watch trough a video diary of a day of

Finland Toolbox

This is a project that involved many personalities and professional figures across our office: it started as a identity project for Finland itself promoted from the Finland Promotion Board, and then it evolved info a digital bank library that would have


This map define the actors,the streams of responsibility, needs and bureaucracy through the citizens and the town council of Milan, with a specific focus on how the city budget is managed. Project realized for the Politecnico di Milano, Density Design Lab.  


A puzzle-adventure game set on a red planet and its peculiar moon. 2013 IGF finalist for Nuovo Award The game, created and developed from Pietro Righi Riva, Nicolò Tedeschi and Paolo Tajè, takes place on a uninhabited planet that is experiencing


SPATIAL NARRATIVE is a collection of works that experiment with exploration. They let us probe game worlds with minimalist or avant-garde landscapes, engage in experimental storytelling in a virtual space, and negotiate physical and social play in the ‘real world’.


DIESEL – DIESEL BLACK GOLD – 55DSL So after the Fw13 preview delivery it is now time for the Main one. Again we kept the issues solution, and I refined the inner design of the books, making it clearer and

Librerie Indipendenti Milano

2013, Librerie Indipendenti Milano Corporate identity project for the association of independent book stores of the city of Milan. The association has the purpose of deliver a better quality for the books shopping experience, through a better selection of books and


DIESEL JOGG JEANS Identity and In-store Materials For the launch of the Jogg Jeans Diesel capsule collection we have been creating a creative concept and developing a strong and unique communication tool system, designing handtag, poster, bag, fixture and teaser


Hello and welcome to this last edition of the Diesel Visual Merchandising Guidelines, Fw14 preview. This issue was particularly important for several reasons: it contained the instructions and information about the very first collection entirely developed from the new creative


This is a short collection of some of the copywriting I’ve been dropping on the keyboard for some of the Diesel projects. Some of them were meant for B2b documents in between of different stakeholders, other were instead documents meant


2012 Liars – It Fit When I Was a Kid (watch it on youtube) Unauthorized fan-made music video for the song It fit when I was a kid, from the 2006 Liars’ album Drum’s not Dead. Synopsis: the children of a little village in


Short film about Milan, its missing town plan and the abuses perpetrated by land owners and how they affect the quality of life in the name of profit. The film should be considered as a companion to the This is


Myth of Medusa is a game created for the Global Game Jam 2014 in Rome. Theme of the jam was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” often attributed to American author Anaïs Nin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anais_Nin The game takes place


DensityDesign is a Research Lab in the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano. It focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena. Although producing, collecting, and sharing information has become much easier, robust methods and effective visual tools


FW13 PREVIEW / VISUAL MERCHANDISING GUIDELINES DIESEL – DIESEL BLACK GOLD – 55DSL After several years I went back on one of my favorite projects inside the Shopping Experience dept, developing the Fall Winter preview 2013 Visual Guidelines for DIESEL, DIESEL BLACK GOLD


SCUDO FISCALE – L’insospettabile Stratagemma FISCAL SHIELD – TAX AMNESTY official web site     A satyrical board game about exploiting an Italian law regularizing tax evaders that bring funds back from tax havens. Players assume the role of dishonest


2008 Understanding Germany Movie realized for the After Effect course of the BURG GIEBICHENSTEIN Hochschule of Halle (Ger). The request of the task was to present an interesting aspect about German people&culture. After a research onto the german’s traditions and


  University workshop rewarded from the Milan City Council: A thirty seconds advertisement for Milan’s bike sharing service, highlighting the absurdity of driving the car in the city center Storyboard and relative video, realized with Mario Porpora, Pietro Righi Riva and


Simple yet funny lookbook layout designed for the Fw12 Diesel Kid collection.