Liars – It Fit When I Was a Kid

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Unauthorized fan-made music video for the song It fit when I was a kid, from the 2006 Liars’ album Drum’s not Dead.

Synopsis: the children of a little village in the countryside decide to meet in the middle of the forest to make a ceremony in order to settle accounts with a witch that their forebears burned down a long time ago in that very place. The spirit of the woman was indeed living in the children dreams, and called them to come back from the dead and get its own revenge, killing the very sons.

This animation was developed in my spare time from work, from february till september 2012, and it was fully inspired from the song itself while driving on a countryside road during a dark rainy wintery night.

Luca Francesco Rossi

Many thanks for the support to:
Anna Bassi
Maria Giulia Giorgiani 
Mario Porpora
Nicolò Tedeschi
Pietro Righi Riva

Little interview from the russian music magazine Afisha Volna: 12 добрых режиссеров: клипы поклонников «Лаванды», Ланы Дель Рей, Liars и других

first drawings

first drawings

first drawings

first drawings

it fit when i was a kid - moodboard


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