This is a short collection of some of the copywriting I’ve been dropping on the keyboard for some of the Diesel projects. Some of them were meant for B2b documents in between of different stakeholders, other were instead documents meant for the customers.

Summer & Shades SS14 window: presentation document

Few days ago a colorful unicorn hit our office after falling from a rainbow on a denim sunset, and smashed our eyes and souls with his fuchsia hoof leaving a contrail of dichroic plexi dripping from our otherwise grey ceiling.

We call that Brainstorming, and it is illegal in Europe and barely legal in Mexico.
Thanks to that we decided to deliver not one, not two not even three layout, but TWO DIFFERENT WINDOWS: yep! SUMMER and DENIMEYE will soon sit into your window to make your store the ultimate destination for eyeglasses’ lovers and colour addicted maniacs (you might want to warn the police as those people will otherwise NOT move away from your windows).

Xmas Window: presentation document


Hello people!
Outside is 40° and your armpit sweat rings reach the ankles.
You should buy a fan and use a little deodorant, but first oil your eyes and check this new Xmas Window that we know will make you create the time machine to travel to December just to see it in your store.
We went back and harvested our roots to design this new smashing window, filling it with Dieselness and balls to be banged!

Fw13 Visual Merchandising Guidelines: introduction page

“Hello people!
Summer is almost over and it is now time to compare our tans with our co-workers and admit that those 25 dollars you spent at the solarium was worth it. It is also time to check out these new amazing visual guidelines.Fantastic new product will be hitting down in your stores (well it is not yours, it belongs to someone more important than you) that we know you will love working with.

So, what are the key messages for this FW13 MAIN season?


This is quite simple: you just follow what we have created in here! Create engaging windows, outstanding wall bays and tables that are inspiring and portray the lifestyle brand that we are.
Product must always be steamed and your stores laid out in a manner that is easy for your customer to navigate.


You are the face of Diesel (oh god we are doomed!). You are our Brand ambassadors. Always be knowledgeable about our Brand and our product ranges. Remember overall, always be ready to help people entering your store (again, not yours though)


This time we have also dedicated a book to the mannequins. We had so many mannequins for you to use (is that cheers of joy I hear?!) and the layout of them was driving our graphic designer nuts. So, now they have their own book. I think that’s it…
So, good luck, and send us pictures of your amazing work

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