Polar A300 Web Experience

For the launch of the new Polar A300 (an activity tracker watch), we developed a website experience, called “a day with the A300”, that describe the functionalities and features of the watch trough a video diary of a day of 3 girls: the video diary in divided in 9 different shorts, each one describing the girls activity trough the progression of the day.
The features of the watch are presented trough different content popups, that spawns during the videos according to the girls action.



We wanted to keep the entire experience light and simple: in order to make the videos stand out, we designed a very simple and minimal UI that gives the user the ability to move from one scene to the other trough a time-based navigation tool, plus the ability to browse all the content popups.

Art Director: David Godycki & Joseph Bayne
Project Manager: Marika Rönkkö & Jonna Ilvonen & Amit Raab
AD assistant: Janne Kunttu
Developer: Kim Korte
Graphic & UX design: Myself



The first UI wireframe.

The first UI wireframe.

Polar 24h-2


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.41.37



Polar 24h-3

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