Finland Toolbox

This is a project that involved many personalities and professional figures across our office: it started as a identity project for Finland itself promoted from the Finland Promotion Board, and then it evolved info a digital bank library that would have host the artworks and all the materials that the government shares across the embassy and ambassadors across the world, plus for communication campaigns hosted from third companies.




My work was to design the structure and functionalities of the web site. It had to be extremely functional and pragmatic, and yet push the new identity of the brand strong and visible.



The website is meant to offer the user the possibility of downloading the different assets (wheater they are icons, logos or documents) and to provide insight about the country and its qualities, trough the use of videos, articles, infographics and more.  Many of this items also came with does&donts instruction upon their use. For this particular project I also had a key role in the materials organizations and project managing, being the key person between the assets production and implementation.




Project Manager: Sivi Uitto, Juulia Järvi, Marjo Hellman
Copy writers: Mick Scheinin, Mark Maher
Designers: Joseph Bayne, Chris Bolton, Anssi Arte 
Web design: Luca Francesco Rossi
Dev: Janne Ala-Aijala @Aucor

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