Plan – 1000 Decisive days

Plan is an international development organisation promoting children’s rights. The aim of this particular campaign is to support the first 1000 days of the life of a child in a developing country, by creating a sort of tamagotchi that resemble the 5 main topics of a growing child are: food, health, education, play and love. Every day, for 1000 days, each one of this areas need to be taken care of: the users are meant to support them by donating or sharing on SoMe its main features. When a topic is not supported enough, in time it will move into a “dangerous” state.




Plan 1k days


Each one of the topic is represented from 3 curves. The higher the curves are, the better the topic is doing. The heigh of the each curve is determined by an algorithm based on the amount of shares & donation occurred during the last period. Once the topic is not supported enough its curves will shrink and move below the “safety line”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 13.58.41

The campaign will progress for 1000 days, and each week the new topics will populate each topic. On mobile the layout changes and offers a different type of interaction.


plan1k mobile



Art director: Bruno Ribeiro
Producer: Emily Reed & Pia Fri
Designer: Myself
Copywriter: Anu Niemonen
Dev: Kim Korte

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