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July. Helsinki. Hasan & partners. Very few people in the office.

“Luca, do you have time to help us with a project for the Helsinki Design Week”
“Sure hit me”
“Cool: in September we will open the doors of the agency and host the visitors of the festival. We would like to talk about our work, specifically about branding. Could we set up some sort of experience for that?”
“uuuuh sure… wait: what?”

This is how Totem started.


the event at the HDW


Totem is a small digital tool that allows the generation of a layered artwork (called Totem): each layer style is defined by the answer provided to a 5 step questionnaire. Each answer will trigger one of several layer style associated to that specific pattern, providing a great variety of possible results (I am not sure if what I wrote does actually make sense)…

Ok guys it is actually easier if I show it to you than to explain how it works, so please just go: http://totem.hasanpartners.fi/ it will take u 3 minutes.




Client: hasan&partners
Totem was designed from: Luca Francesco Rossi, Ville Granroth and Joseph Bayne. Copy written by Mark Maher. Produced from Marika Rönkkö. Developed with Fernando Visockis and Sébastien Piquemal.

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