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h&p Totem

July. Helsinki. Hasan & partners. Very few people in the office. “Luca, do you have time to help us with a project for the Helsinki Design Week” “Sure hit me” “Cool: in September we will open the doors of the agency

Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space

“This game is a diamond. Pure, hard and glorious.” SHUT UP & SIT DOWN, review “This game is absolutely fantastically fun to play.” TOM VASEL, board game guru, video review “I swear I’ve never played anything so nerve-racking and exciting.” THE FINAL

Finland Toolbox

This is a project that involved many personalities and professional figures across our office: it started as a identity project for Finland itself promoted from the Finland Promotion Board, and then it evolved info a digital bank library that would have


DIESEL – DIESEL BLACK GOLD – 55DSL So after the Fw13 preview delivery it is now time for the Main one. Again we kept the issues solution, and I refined the inner design of the books, making it clearer and


Hello and welcome to this last edition of the Diesel Visual Merchandising Guidelines, Fw14 preview. This issue was particularly important for several reasons: it contained the instructions and information about the very first collection entirely developed from the new creative


SCUDO FISCALE – L’insospettabile Stratagemma FISCAL SHIELD – TAX AMNESTY official web site     A satyrical board game about exploiting an Italian law regularizing tax evaders that bring funds back from tax havens. Players assume the role of dishonest